I have always had a special relationship with animals. As a child I would bring home lost dogs and injured birds constantly. It wasn't a surprise to anyone that I found my first job at a veterinary clinic. While working there in high school, my love and appreciation for animals - and the people who helped them - grew into a passion.

When I met Bryan in 2014, he had never had a pet! By the time we got married in 2016, we had 5 dogs and a cat. Moving to the country and starting a rescue farm and animal sanctuary soon became a dream for both of us. Turning this dream into a reality over the last few years has been a challenge, but we have loved every step. When we were finally able to bring animals to the farm and offer a safe place for these sweet souls to live and be loved, we knew we were beginning an exciting journey.
- April

Meet April & Bryan

Inquiring minds want to know...How did we end up moving from East Nashville to the countryside of Christiana, TN and start a rescue/sanctuary all within the last two years??

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How we started

Over the next year we completely gutted the house and renovated the inside. We built a greenhouse and goat/sheep barn and updated all of the preexisting barns on the property. Clearing the property and adding fencing has expanded our ability to rescue more animals.

the property needed renovation


Our goal is to restore the natural pond to create an enjoyable area for ducks and chickens. A new large equine barn is needed to provide space for intaking more animals in need. This barn will include an area for nursing moms, injury recovery, bathing area, feed and tack storage, and new animal quarantine. We also plan to include a space  specifically for small animals (rabbits, kittens, chicks) to be housed until adoption.

future projects

what's Next

All of our doggie family members have come from Agape Animal Rescue based in Nashville, TN. Indigo "Indy" (Boxer/Mountain dog mix) was a first foster "fail" who was soon followed by Truffle (French Bulldog and puppy mill rescue), and lastly, Rumor (Basenji mix) to become members of the family. The dachshunds, Pixel and Fable, have become little "studio assistants" and inspired the logo for April's photography business, Harmony Designs Photography. Adopted kitty sister, Thistle, even volunteers her time socializing with the adoptable puppies and kittens.


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