The loss of a job, a major illness in the family, and other unexpected life circumstances can leave a family struggling to care for their beloved animals! Fabled Farm Rescue and Sanctuary is happy to offer short term assistance to families in the Middle Tennessee area during these times so they can continue proper care of their animals.
Keeping the animals in homes where they are loved prevents the heartbreak of rehoming, undue stress on the animals, and reduces intake for shelters and rescues that are already over capacity.  

*All items are subject to availability
and must be picked up at Fabled Farm in Christiana, TN

Available resources 

  • Cat/Kitten Food
  • Cat Litter
  • Dog Food
  • Chicken Feed
  • Senior Horse Feed
  • Goat/Sheep Feed
  • Alpaca Feed
  • Mini PIg Feed
  • Supplements
  • Pet Beds, Blankets, Towels
  • Straw
  • Square Hay Bales

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Mailing Address:
Fabled Farm Rescue
P.O. Box 12
Beechgrove, TN 37018

thank you!