Sanctuary Program

This little crazy haired cutie is Cupid! He joined Fabled Farm with Charlie at the very beginning. He is an adorable troublemaker that has issues getting along with other horses at times. He is very bonded to Pumpkin and Mystic.
$25 - A Month of Cupid Care   


We are thrilled that these two tiny sweethearts are part of our community outreach program. They are being trained to help educate the public about donkeys and we are excited to see them progress and grow into this important position.
$50 - A Month of Figaro & Chaplin Care

Figaro & Chaplin




Handsome Charlie was the first resident of Fabled Farm! He is a sweet boy that was over jumped at a riding school, so he has bad arthritis and cannot be ridden. He has lost one eye to injury and is on a special diet to maintain weight.
$100 - A Month of Charlie Care


Fabled Farm is excited to offer a sanctuary program for all animals that come through the rescue and are unadoptable due to health or behavior issues. Some animals will stay in the sanctuary program for the rest of their lives and some will transition to being adoptable at some point. While in the sanctuary program, they will receive all needed vet care, farrier care, and training, as well as lots of love and attention from us and the farm volunteers.

Many of the animals here at the farm require special diets and supplements to stay healthy. Sponsoring feed and supplements help us to take the best care of each animal!
$75 - One Month of Feed/Supplements
$150 - Two Months of Feed/Supplements

Feed & Supplements



The entire farm revolves around the animals having hay 24/7. A donation to cover the cost of hay is greatly appreciated!
$40 - One Month of Hay
$80 - Two Months of Hay


Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities 

We are excited to partner with businesses to save more
horses, donkeys, goats, sheep, pigs, and alpacas!

How to get involved:

Sponsor a Sanctuary Animal
Sponsor a Program
Support a special needs animal
Book a Corporate Volunteer day
Become a Yearly donor
Donate Feed/Barn Supplies

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