Education Team



Intake Date: 4/16/19

Age: 9 years

Species: Horse

Breed: Mini 

Favorite Things: Treats! He will do anything for a snacky snack 

Picture your typical mini horse trouble maker...that was Cupid when he arrived!

Cupid had been deemed unadoptable to the public by another rescue group, so we agreed to bring him to Fabled Farm.

He was our first addition to the rescue program, and we learned a lot about patience, positive training techniques, and the fun of crazy minis from Cupid!

Cupid is now our demo horse for events on and off the farm. He loves to greet visitors and even tolerates outfits for special occasions!

We love that Cupid has been with us since the beginning and are so proud of how far he has come since arriving at the rescue.


Orville & Otis

Intake Date: 8/8/21 and 11/23/21

Age: 3 years 

Species: Pig

Breed: Juliana

Favorite Things: Belly rubs and a kiddie pool on a hot day

Orville Pignbacher and Otis Piggerington are two very distinguished gentlemen!

Orville arrived at Fabled Farm first as a tiny 2 pound piglet that was barely alive from a lack of proper nutrition. He lived in our house for weeks receiving round the clock monitoring and feeding. 

Otis arrived a few months later in the same condition. It was touch and go for both piglets for several weeks. Finally they were strong enough to survive! 

They were best friends within minutes! Orville and Otis can always be found together lounging in the sunshine, hoping for belly rubs, or curled up sleeping.

Both boys have helped teach people the joy of and intelligence of pigs!


S'more & Churro

Intake Date: 6/16/23

Age: 1 year

Species: Goat

Breed: Nigerian Dwarf 

Favorite Things: Getting into trouble and eating things they shouldn't

If you have ever lived with a toddler, then you know what life is like with adorable baby goats, S'more & Churro!

S'more arrived at rescue after having been trampled by his herd. He was left with neurological issues and blind in one eye. We immediately started physical therapy to help him regain balance and movement. He has progressed so far and now can run and play!

We knew S'more would need a long term buddy to help him navigate the world, and we heard about Churro. He was smaller than he should be and couldn't remain safely with his herd. 

It was love at first meeting for these two and they have been inseparable ever since! They are part of the Education Program and are rock stars at public events.


Figaro & Chaplin

Intake Date: 5/23/20 & 6/20/20

Age: 5 years

Species: Donkey

Breed: Mini 

Favorite Things: Playing together and getting yummy treats

You couldn't find a cuter pair of adorable trouble makers than Figaro and Chaplin!

Figaro arrived at rescue with his mom, Fern. They had been saved by another rescue group from a hoarding situation and needed a safe place to land. Both were very afraid of people and needed a lot of time to learn to trust.

Chaplin was saved by a donkey rescue from a neglect case and was in poor condition.

Chaplin arrived just as Figaro was weaned and they immediately became best friends! Together they have given each other the confidence to trust and heal.

Figaro and Chaplin are in training as part of the Fabled Farm Education Program and are starting to attend events!


Albert & Archie

Intake Date: 10/5/23 and 11/26/23

Age: 1 year

Species: Pig

Breed: Kunekune 

Favorite Things: Belly rubs and yummy snacks

You haven't truly lived until you have given a piggy a belly rub!

Meet Albert Pigglesnort and Archie Oinkerton! Yes, pigs do need two names, because they are very dignified animals!

Albert and Archie arrived at Fabled Farm within weeks of each other and immediately became best buds! They eat together, sleep together, and play together.

Albert and Archie love being the first pigs that many people have ever met! They truly enjoy all of the attention, belly rubs, and treats.

These boys travel to events and help spread the word that pigs are amazing, intelligent creatures that deserve love.


Pez & Jujube

Intake Date: 2/6/23 & 2/10/23

Age: 1 year

Species: Sheep

Breed: Katahdin

Favorite Things: Meeting new people and getting all of the pets

What is sweeter than a bottle baby? Former bottle babies Pez and Jujube!

Pez arrived as a two day old baby who was having mobility issues and his mom wouldn't feed him. We were able to start physical therapy with him right away and within a few days he was able to walk. We knew he needed a friend and heard about Jujube. Sadly his mom had passed away giving birth.

Pez and Jujube were instant friends! Having Juju around encouraged Pez to try harder. Before long he was walking, running, jumping and amazingly playing like a normal baby!! 

These boys have become a wonderful addition to the Education Program and love showing visitors how fun it is to be friends with a friendly sheep!



Intake Date: 3/19/22

Age: 2 years

Species: Goat

Breed: Nubian 

Favorite Things: Jumping on everything and animal crackers

You might not have met Rolo, but he loves you already and can't wait to be your new bestie!

Rolo arrived with his brother, Twix as bottle babies. Unfortunately Twix had underlying health conditions and even with the best care of the UT vets was unable to be saved. Rolo was heartbroken.

Kit Kat had arrived at the rescue a few months prior and was ready to move to the goat area (see her story under Special Needs Crew). Rolo and Kit Kat healed each other. She became the friend he needed and he taught her how to play. Their relationship is so special and truly heartwarming to witness.

Rolo now teaches visitors about goat care and what they need to be happy and healthy.



Intake Date: 11/1/19

Age: 5 years 

Species: Donkey

Breed: Mini

Favorite Things: Getting butt scratches, carrots, and apples

He's got the looks and the personality to Costello!

Our first donkey additions to the farm were baby mini donkeys, Abbott and Costello. They were rescued from a kill pen truck and were in rough shape. Sadly Abbott had several health issues and he couldn't be saved.

We worked with Costello slowly and built a foundation of trust over the next year, teaching him that people were kind, gentle, and offered the best treats!

Costello is now a farm ambassador. He works with visiting groups, helps to host Dinner with a Donkey, and creates custom paintings. Costello demonstrates daily that donkeys truly are amazing animals that deserve all our love!


PUck & Oberon

Intake Date: 2/6/21

Age: 10 years and 5 years

Species: Donkey

Breed: Standard

Favorite Things: Rolling in the dirt and getting ear scratches

Earning trust is worth the effort!

Puck and Oberon were the two donkeys that jumped on the trailer, so they came back to Fabled Farm with us. These boys were unhandled, terrified of halters and ropes, and afraid of people.

Using positive training techniques we slowly earned their trust. One day it clicked for Obi, and he was suddenly comfortable being haltered, led, and petted. Puck was older and he took much longer to win over. After a year of slow progress, he also decided we were safe. Now the boys stand at liberty for handling and hoof care. 

Puck and Obi help teach fearful new arrivals that people are good and can be trusted.



Intake Date: 3/27/24

Age: 1 year

Species: Sheep

Breed: Katahdin

Favorite Things: Marshmallows and animal crackers...she is big on treats!

Does she want a treat? Of course she wants a treat!!

Marshmallow ended up at the University of Tennessee Large Animal Veterinary Hospital needing an emergency c-section and having urine and rectal prolapses. 

Sadly the vets were unable to save the babies and Marshmallow had to spend a month at the vet hospital recovering from all her procedures. Her previous owner was leaving a domestic violence situation and couldn't provide the continued care Marshmallow needed, so she reached out to Fabled Farm.

Marshmallow has stolen the hearts of vets, students, volunteers, visitors, and the senior sheep! Due to her ongoing medical needs she will remain in the Sanctuary Program.


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