the Seniors



Intake Date: 3/30/23

Age: 31 years

Species: Horse

Breed: Appendix - Quarter Horse/Thoroughbred

Favorite Things: Sleeping in the sun and being nosey around the farm

Doesn't everyone have a yard horse?? Meet sweet old man, Boone, who spends his days strolling around the farm and napping in the front yard!

Our equine vet reached out to us about a kind horse that needed a soft landing. He hadn't been getting the care he needed.

Boone came to us with very few teeth, arthritis, hoof issues, and he was very underweight. We came up with a care plan that includes a specialty senior feed (on our Chewy Wish List), supplements, and pain management. He has gained several hundred pounds and spends his days laying in the sun and getting loved on by everyone who visits.

Due to his careful feeding needs he will remain in the Fabled Farm Sanctuary Program.



Intake Date: 4/28/21

Age: 23 years

Species: Horse

Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse

Favorite Things: Being brushed, apples, and getting pets

Ritz arrived at Fabled Farm as an extreme starvation case. 

He was so weak that he could barely walk off the trailer. The resident sanctuary equines provided comfort for Ritz over the next several months as we implemented a slow refeeding program to help him recover.

Ritz arrived with an injured eye that had to be removed once he was strong enough.

It took a year for Ritz to transform from skin and bones to a healthy, beautiful boy! He now spends his days helping new arrivals settle in and getting love from visitors.

Due to his careful feeding needs he will remain in the Fabled Farm Sanctuary Program.


Bitty Boo

Intake Date: 11/17/23

Age: 9 years 

Species: Pig

Breed: Pot Belly

Favorite Things: Exploring and dinner time

Bitty broke our hearts!

Bitty's hooves were overgrown and twisted under her feet. She was so overweight she could hardly see and could only stand for a minute.

We worked with our vets on a diet to help her lose enough weight to sedate her for her spay, tusk trim, and a more thorough hoof trim. By examining her teeth, our vet learned she was 9 years old instead of 4 as we were told.

Bitty was so sad when she arrived and missed her home. Pigs are very emotional creatures and don't handle moves well. Once she was well enough, we introduced her to Percy Piggles, and they helped each other heal. Now they are the best of friends! Due to her age and health concerns, Bitty Boo will remain in the Fabled Farm Sanctuary Program.


The Fridge & The Bus

Intake Date: 8/20/23

Age: 14 years

Species: Sheep

Breed: Wool Mix

Favorite Things: Dinner time and bahhing really loudly

Living up to their namesakes!

A group of four sheep needed emergency placement after their owner passed. They were afraid of new people and in a field. Bryan was tackled a few times as we loaded we named them after football players!

The sheep learned to love us quickly thanks to how much they enjoyed snacks. Unfortunately they were much older than we were originally told and came with multiple medical issues. 

Joe Cool and Sweetness passed recently at the age of 14. Their loss is felt by the two left, Jerome Bettis - The Bus and William Perry - The Refrigerator. 

They will now be spoiled in their senior years!


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