the Barn Cats



Intake Date: 9/25/23

Age: 3 years 

Species: Cat

Breed: Domestic Short Hair/Tabby

Favorite Things: Canned cat food and pets

From feral kitty to a part of the Fabled Farm barn crew!

We used to just see an orange and white speck across the horse field, but over several months we were slowly able to gain Orange's trust.

When we were finally able to catch him and get his vetting done, we were afraid we might never see him again. Thankfully he decided that he loved the barn cat life!

Orange now spends his days laying around the barn, sleeping in the cat houses, greeting volunteers, and getting lots of pets.

We are so glad this sweet boy was willing to trust us and become a member of the family!


Kiwi & Clementine

Intake Date: 3/15/22

Age: 3 years 

Species: Cat

Breed: DLH & DSH/Tabby

Favorite Things: Dinner time and distracting volunteers from working

We never trust people when they tell us an animal is mean!

When brother and sister duo, Kiwi and Clementine, arrived at Fabled Farm, we were told they were mean and could never be social or handled...

Fast forward to today and both are so friendly that it is hard for visitors and volunteers to do anything except pet them! They are both total love bugs that enjoy all of the attention.

Kiwi is the unofficial barn greeter! He is also known to make himself at home in visitors' vehicles if the windows are left open. 

We are thrilled that both Kiwi and Clementine decided to share so much love with us!



Intake Date: 11/5/22

Age: 3 years 

Species: Cat

Breed: Domestic Short Hair/Tabby

Favorite Things: Being dramatic and canned kitty food

She was a great mom for really just being a baby herself!

Autumn arrived at Fabled Farm with a group of other kitties that were rescued from a hoarding situation. Autumn was the grandmother of generations, but she was only 1.5 years old herself.

She was cautiously friendly, but uncomfortable inside. Once her kittens were weaned, and she received her vetting, we were able to transition her outside. 

Autumn is a great barn cat and loves to "help" with chores. She is friendly with a bit of sass, but she adores kids that visit. 

This sweet girl deserved having a forever home, so she joined the barn staff.


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