the Birds


Mr. Wobbles

Intake Date: 3/1/24

Age: 2 years

Species: Duck

Breed: Crested 

Favorite Things: Frozen peas and water buckets for splashing

He can't help that he looks so adorable when he wobbles!

Mr. Wobbles and his duck friend, Sweet Pea (female - Buff), were rescued from a neglect situation and rehabbed by a bird rescue.

Mr. Wobbles has neurological issues, making him wobble when he walks (this is common in Crested Ducks). He also has a condition called Angel Wing from improper nutrition. Neither issue can be fixed, so he needed a safe place to live without other male ducks who might pick on him.

Mr. Wobbles and Sweet Pea arrived at Fabled Farm and immediately made friends with Buttercup(female - Welsh Harlequin). The three are now best buds and living the good life at Fabled Farm!


 Mr. Magerkel & Bob

Intake Date: 2/13/23

Age: 5 years 

Species: Turkey & Guineafowl

Breed: Blue Slate Turkey & Guinea

Favorite Things: Strutting for the ladies and escaping the fence

Definitely an odd couple!

Mr. Magerkel and Bob are the best of friends and the farm where they lived couldn't stand to separate they reached out to us!

It was immediately clear that these two were very bonded. They do everything together - eat, sleep, and get into trouble! Mr. M will yell for Bob when he leaves the fence. Then Bob will run back and forth not knowing how to get back in the fence. 

The boys are favorites at the farm with Mr. Magerkel flirting with all the ladies that visit, and Bob always getting himself into one predicament or another. 

We LOVE this crazy best friend pair!


The Chickens

Intake Date: 2/6/22 - 2/29/24

Age: 1-4 years 

Species: Chickens

Breed: Rhode Island Red, Light Sussex, Barred Rock, American Game 

Favorite Things: Treats!!

It is an eclectic mix for sure! 

The Fabled Farm chickens have come from many different situations, but they have all been able to enjoy life here at the rescue!

Some are able to free range during the day with the two roosters, Rock and Garnet, supervising, and some stay in the fenced area.

Our ladies include: Miss Hattie, Betty Boop, Jade, Onyx, The Rockettes (we can't tell these 3 apart), and The Supremes - Florence Ballard, Diana Ross, and Mary Wilson.

We love our diverse group of chickens and how well they have accepted each other to live in harmony here at the farm.


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Fabled Farm Rescue
P.O. Box 12
Beechgrove, TN 37018

thank you!