the Pigs


Percy Piggles

Intake Date: 11/23/21

Age: 4 years 

Species: Pig

Breed: American Yorkshire

Favorite Things: Sunbathing, belly rubs, scratches, and eating

Yes, 700 lb pigs get the zoomies!

Have ever cuddled a farm pig? Percy Piggles enjoys being the little spoon even though he is 700 lbs of piggy to love. 

Percy traveled across the country to arrive at Fabled Farm with his best friend, Penny.

Penny had several birth defects making it difficult for her to walk, but we were able to manage her comfort level for several years. Sadly Penny suddenly passed away last year from a seizure and left Percy heartbroken. 

Percy has made new friends recently with Bitty Boo and the senior sheep. He greets everyone who comes to the farm and always hopes for belly rubs! Percy's heart is truly as big as he is and we love that about him!


Albert & Archie

Intake Date: 10/5/23 and 11/26/23

Age: 1 year

Species: Pig

Breed: Kunekune 

Favorite Things: Belly rubs and yummy snacks

You haven't truly lived until you have given a piggy a belly rub!

Meet Albert Pigglesnort and Archie Oinkerton! Yes, pigs do need two names, because they are very dignified animals!

Albert and Archie arrived at Fabled Farm within weeks of each other and immediately became best buds! They eat together, sleep together, and play together.

Albert and Archie love being the first pigs that many people have ever met! They truly enjoy all of the attention, belly rubs, and treats.

These boys travel to events and help spread the word that pigs are amazing, intelligent creatures that deserve love.


Bitty Boo

Intake Date: 11/17/23

Age: 9 years 

Species: Pig

Breed: Pot Belly

Favorite Things: Exploring and dinner time

Bitty broke our hearts!

Bitty's hooves were overgrown and twisted under her feet. She was so overweight she could hardly see and could only stand for a minute.

We worked with our vets on a diet to help her lose enough weight to sedate her for her spay, tusk trim, and a more thorough hoof trim. By examining her teeth, our vet learned she was 9 years old instead of 4 as we were told.

Bitty was so sad when she arrived and missed her home. Pigs are very emotional creatures and don't handle moves well. Once she was well enough, we introduced her to Percy Piggles, and they helped each other heal. Now they are the best of friends! Due to her age and health concerns, Bitty Boo will remain in the Fabled Farm Sanctuary Program.


Orville & Otis

Intake Date: 8/8/21 and 11/23/21

Age: 3 years 

Species: Pig

Breed: Juliana

Favorite Things: Belly rubs and a kiddie pool on a hot day

Orville Pignbacher and Otis Piggerington are two very distinguished gentlemen!

Orville arrived at Fabled Farm first as a tiny 2 pound piglet that was barely alive from a lack of proper nutrition. He lived in our house for weeks receiving round the clock monitoring and feeding. 

Otis arrived a few months later in the same condition. It was touch and go for both piglets for several weeks. Finally they were strong enough to survive! 

They were best friends within minutes! Orville and Otis can always be found together lounging in the sunshine, hoping for belly rubs, or curled up sleeping.

Both boys have helped teach people the joy of and intelligence of pigs!


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