the Sheep



Intake Date: 3/27/24

Age: 1 year

Species: Sheep

Breed: Katahdin

Favorite Things: Marshmallows and animal crackers...she is big on treats!

Does she want a treat? Of course she wants a treat!!

Marshmallow ended up at the University of Tennessee Large Animal Veterinary Hospital needing an emergency c-section and having urine and rectal prolapses. 

Sadly the vets were unable to save the babies and Marshmallow had to spend a month at the vet hospital recovering from all her procedures. Her previous owner was leaving a domestic violence situation and couldn't provide the continued care Marshmallow needed, so she reached out to Fabled Farm.

Marshmallow has stolen the hearts of vets, students, volunteers, visitors, and the senior sheep! Due to her ongoing medical needs she will remain in the Sanctuary Program.


Pez & Jujube

Intake Date: 2/6/23 & 2/10/23

Age: 1 year

Species: Sheep

Breed: Katahdin

Favorite Things: Meeting new people and getting all of the pets

What is sweeter than a bottle baby? Former bottle babies Pez and Jujube!

Pez arrived as a two day old baby who was having mobility issues and his mom wouldn't feed him. We were able to start physical therapy with him right away and within a few days he was able to walk. We knew he needed a friend and heard about Jujube. Sadly his mom had passed away giving birth.

Pez and Jujube were instant friends! Having Juju around encouraged Pez to try harder. Before long he was walking, running, jumping and amazingly playing like a normal baby!! 

These boys have become a wonderful addition to the Education Program and love showing visitors how fun it is to be friends with a friendly sheep!


The Fridge & The Bus

Intake Date: 8/20/23

Age: 14 years

Species: Sheep

Breed: Wool Mix

Favorite Things: Dinner time and bahhing really loudly

Living up to their namesakes!

A group of four sheep needed emergency placement after their owner passed. They were afraid of new people and in a field. Bryan was tackled a few times as we loaded we named them after football players!

The sheep learned to love us quickly thanks to how much they enjoyed snacks. Unfortunately they were much older than we were originally told and came with multiple medical issues. 

Joe Cool and Sweetness passed recently at the age of 14. Their loss is felt by the two left, Jerome Bettis - The Bus and William Perry - The Refrigerator. 

They will now be spoiled in their senior years!


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